The client came to us with big dreams and a limiting name. Together, we arrived at the benefits the name needed to convey.

The company’s scalable platform and suite of tailored tools were designed to enable two-way, real-time, multimedia communications.

Primary messages included:

  • Improving communications accuracy and operational efficiency
  • Reducing loss, fraud, theft, crime
  • Saving time, money and lives

This was the story of a technology company providing a critical, life-saving connection between leaders of public and private organizations and their citizens and employees - but their current name didn’t tell this story.


Dictionary; associative; n.

Atelopus Zeteki; a.k.a. the Panamanian Golden Frog is an endangered species native to the rain forests of Panama

The Zeteki is highly social and very alert to its surroundings; it is unique in its ability to communicate with sounds and gestures... It hears, sees and reacts to things most miss - supporting the “Critical Communications” brand story.

We especially liked Zeteki because the use of an animal, ironically, humanized a platform that might be seen as overly cold and technical.

The association with leaping ability – 20x its own body length! - suggested an organization making significant advancements – “leapfrogging” existing models and practices in the communications technology space.

The Zeteki is also just plain cool.