Campbell’s developed a new beverage – a low-calorie blend of fruit and vegetables. This new drink would fall under the V8 umbrella.

Therein lay the first challenge. While the association with V8 meant instant recognition with the target audience, it also brought along the assumption that the drink would be all or mostly vegetables. The name needed to leverage the existing brand equity, but simultaneously break free of it.

If ever there was a need for an associative sub-brand – a brand that would be imbued with its own set of attributes – this V8 extension was it. As part of the new beverage’s creative brief, the Point of Difference was identified as – the “Perfect Blend.” The point of difference was based on the unique blend of fruit and vegetables, nutrition and refreshment, great ingredients and great taste.


The naming efforts centered around the concept of combining the unexpected – and doing so in a powerful, dynamic way.

The winning name - vFusion - includes a clear nod to V8, combined with the real word “Fusion” - “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.”

Together, the name feels fresh and modern, and evokes a sense of movement and vigor that hints at “healthy” without feeling overbearing.