For its primetime strategy, Court TV needed to continue migrating from its heritage as a provider of trials & legal analysis to becoming an entertainment network that goes beyond crime.

The network had enjoyed tremendous success with other program genres – initially with real-life investigation & crime programming and then with younger-skewing action programming (R.E.D.).

It was determined that the Court TV name no longer reflected the network’s primetime programming or brand promise, so a new identity was needed.

The name had to:

  • be consistent with core strengths but leverage them more convincingly
  • provide context and communicate why someone should want to watch programs on this network
  • be able to live on multiple platforms such as VOD, broadband, mobile, etc.
  • also resonate with the trade: make advertisers & distributors eager to be associated with this brand


While a name cannot encapsulate every attribute, it should set the stage or begin to tell the brand’s story.

For the Court TV relaunch, the name needed to be the first step in building a brand that:

  • Focuses on Real People, Real Stories and Real-Life intense situations
  • Communicates “real”, “true”, “genuine” or “authentic”
  • Allows the viewer to feel as though he is experiencing the program himself – not told by a reporter or narrator
  • Delivers on the feeling of “being there”, having access to visuals and information not found anywhere else

The name Tru, coined (obviously) from the word “True,” communicates these value propositions clearly and succinctly. It feels modern and fresh - especially relative to its predecessor, CourtTV. The brevity of the name works especially well in the context of television, in that the entire name - rather than initials or a symbol - is easily displayed on screen.