This company was flipping an enterprise-centric customer engagement model – going from company-out to customer-in.

In doing so, it liberated customers to:

  • Interact with brands where they want, how they want, and when they want
  • Seamlessly engage with client systems – unaware of the advanced technologies making it happen... and not caring
  • Freely move from app to app as they move from their tablet to their phone – engaging with the companies in a way that feels like “real life”

How we’re different:

For the consumer:

  • Facilitating communication the way the consumer prefers
  • The right channel – we are where the customer is
  • Easy; customer should really never notice that the channel changed
  • Single customer record – despite their own multi-channel contacts; they don’t have to repeat themselves
  • Easy, simple experience, resolved without hassle
    Natural, convenient, fast
For the client:
  • CS/Operational expertise at enterprise level
  • Enterprise-ready; elegant queuing, simple routing, reporting, and collaborating/sharing,
  • Able to handle the scalability, recording and reporting of large enterprise - 100s of thousands per week


Building off the brief, we established the following guidelines:

Name should be:

  • Smart, sophisticated
  • Cutting-edge, innovative
  • Simple, approachable
  • Personal and personable
Name should not be:
  • Hard to pronounce, spell or use in digital space
  • Cute/cutesy
  • Limiting as to product, industry, future

The result was Quiq - coined from the word “quick”, meaning both fast as well as smart, plus “IQ” - ubiquitously connected with intelligence.

Together, this seemingly simple name supports the brand positioning as a brilliant platform that is exceedingly easy to use.