For this project, we were brought in to come up with a name for a packaged snack product in advance of packaging design.

The consumer research and brand strategy had already been done by the client, so the naming brief was clear.

We were told that the primary target was:

  • Men; age 24-35
  • College educated
  • Health conscious

The voice of the brand was to be:

  • Honest, genuine, but fun and not too serious
  • Contemporary
  • On-trend, but not trendy

And the name, specifically, should:

  • Be authentic
  • Be approachable and relevant – modern, and even a bit edgy
  • Work well as sub-brand covering multiple varieties/forms/flavors (descriptive names)
  • Remain future-proof; relevant over years of portfolio transition/evolution

Armed with this information, we got to work!


GoneRogue is a combined name that evokes a spirit of adventure - perfect for the Convenience Store channel it was destined to be sold through.

The “Gone” communicates a feeling of being on-the-go in a way that doesn’t feel tired or overused, while “Rogue” - a person whose behavior one disapproves of but who is nonetheless likable or attractive - is often used as a playful term of reproof. 

GoneRogue hints at a sense of rebelliousness, yet remains light-hearted. It just FEELS active - like something a health-conscious guy oughta grab.

The creative team loved this direction, and quickly got to work putting their stamp (er… footprint) on the brand and package design.