We worked with Dominion to create a brand identity and proposed naming system. We began by doing a deep dive into the existing brand architecture, product names, and plans for the future of the company.

The deliverable was a recommended naming convention, with guidelines for addressing:

  • Existing Dominion Energy names
  • Acquired names
  • New offerings from the company
Through our research, we discovered that there was very little consistency in use of terminology within the category, even in category-generic language – “energy”, “power”, “services”, “solutions” appeared often and for various offerings/segments. Any consistency appeared to be around the use of “energy” as an umbrella term, covering all forms and fuels – both traditional and alternative.

This led us to note that the industry may be recognizing that as the energy category is expanding, lack of standardization in product and service naming will get cumbersome and confusing. 


As a result of our research, we recommended that Dominion shift from calling themselves “Dominion Power” to instead use the name “Dominion Energy” for the following reasons:

  • While “power” and “energy” are largely synonymous, “energy” has emerged as the default category identifier.
  • Power appears to be fading from use at the service/offering level, and only remains as part of some corporate brands.
  • More energy customers will begin to buy multiple forms of energy from one company – so multiple “brands” could create a confusing customer experience, especially on invoices and the like.
  • Furthermore, terms such as “renewable” and ”alternative” may become less relevant as energy sources and forms evolve.

We additionally provided a comprehensive set of guidelines and an evaluation tool to be used in the naming of any future Dominion Energy products - new or acquired.