Developed and first rolled out in Chicago, (Project) Charity Runner had been identified as an extremely promising program that would generate tremendous revenue for the American Cancer Society, in addition to attracting individuals who had not historically been drawn to the Society.

While initially focused on marathons such as the Chicago Marathon, it had been determined that other endurance events such as century bike rides and triathlons would be logical extension of the program. Further, it had been observed that the components of the name - “charity” and “runner” - are not distinct or tied to the Society.

Thus the name Charity Runner needed to be replaced with a proprietary name that captured the spirit of the program and began to tell the “story” of the brand.


The creative direction for this name centered around a desire to highlight the role the program plays in the achievement and accomplishment of an athlete’s goals – in some ways very individual, yet also in support of a powerful cause.

 We understood the drive of the athlete – both the beginner and the accomplished – to keep pushing themselves further. The endurance athlete strives for even more, reaches even higher – and is always raising the bar.

The name DetermiNation communicates how this achievement and success make the endurance athlete feel, celebrating the “I did it” moment; the “it was worth every hour in the gym, every drop of sweat, every blister” feeling - while also getting at the power of being united in support of an important cause.