The Perfect Timeline For A Perfect Name

Great names don't happen on cocktail napkins, or overnight.

Assuming the brand strategy and architecture have been defined, from creative brief to name selection, the optimal time frame is two and a half to three weeks. This provides enough time to create and approve the creative brief, develop the names, screen them for trademark conflict, and select the short list – the best five or six name candidates.

Note: the time to conduct a full trademark search must be built into the overall schedule. This begins when the short list is selected, is usually conducted by in-house counsel, and can take several weeks.

Also note: this timeline does not include making a final decision, as this varies greatly from project to project and is most influenced by the company culture and the individuals involved. See this article for our recommended course of action to get from “short list” to The One.

Also also note: that first “assuming the brand strategy and architecture have been defined” statement is a big one! 

Topics: guidance, naming