How To Get Your Naming Project Across The Finish Line

While it's not ideal to rush your naming project, it's ALSO not ideal to let it drag on indefinitely. 

Believe it or not, having too much time probably derails as many naming projects as not having enough time does. The problem is simply motivation – lacking a defined timeline, there’s little reason to dig in and make the necessary decisions to keep the process moving and team focused.

Time and again, we’ve seen the process stall - only to be revisited once there’s a true time crunch. Packaging needs to be produced, the sales team is trying to fill out product specs for retailers, and then “oh, gee - we never did choose a name.”

Our recommendation: start a naming project well before you need to, but don’t grow complacent. Build a naming task force and enforce a deadline. Make sure that all stakeholders are on board with the name - well before it comes down to the wire. You’ll find that people are much more patient about discussing names when they’re not also trying to jump through the hoops that inevitably emerge before a product launch.

How much time do you need to allow? We’ve got some suggestions.

Topics: guidance, naming