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Why A Name Is Worth Your Time

As small business owners, we know what it’s like to be resource-constrained. And we understand that when trying to build a business, it’s important to... Continue Reading

Brand Names and Brand Equity

  Brand equity is built over time, and as a result, it frequently comes up as a reason NOT to re-name a company. While the value of the current name should... Continue Reading

Coined Names: Gud, Badd, & Ugh-ly

First, a definition: a coined name is a newly created word, used as a name. Popular examples include Xerox, Hulu, and Oreo. A coined name is distinct from a... Continue Reading

(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Naming Your Company Or Product

    Below, we lay out the pros, cons, and costs associated with every way you could tackle this naming project - and provide additional resources and... Continue Reading

How To Save Time And Money By Pre-Screening Names

It can be difficult to “move on” when the team has fallen in love with a name which later fails to clear trademark testing. In fact, it usually means you... Continue Reading

When Your Client Needs Professional Help (Naming)

As an IP attorney, you’re not a naming or branding expert. That is not your job. You did not go to law school to help people come up with names, or to learn... Continue Reading

Helping Clients Think Ahead

One of the most common reasons a company is forced to embark on a messy renaming or rebranding project has to do with a lack of foresight. This is completely... Continue Reading

My Agency Says They Can Create Names

You may not realize it, but your agency likely employs freelancers, and if you ask them to name something for you, odds are pretty good that they’ll come to... Continue Reading

How To Help Clients Move On

It’s bound to happen -- a name fails to clear the trademark search, and the client doesn’t want to give it up. Surely there’s another way? What if I add “__”... Continue Reading

How To Help Your Clients Be Brave (Not Stupid)

While we’ve talked about the importance of being able to sell a name, and touched on the fact that most great names aren’t the most comfortable ones, at... Continue Reading

How To Steer Clients Away From A Name That Is Likely To Fail Trademark Screening

When you’ve been naming for as long as we have, you have a pretty good sense for which names are not going to have a snowball’s chance in court of making it... Continue Reading

How To Talk A Founder Out Of Naming Their Startup Something Terrible

There’s not a Unicorn out there with a less-than-Unicorn-worthy name. Continue Reading

Why Brand Architecture Matters

In our experience, companies that lack a strong brand architecture can only go so far. As an agency, it doesn’t matter how good you are -- if the brand... Continue Reading

How To Tell A Client They Can't Have The ONE Name They Really, Really Want

Not unlike the famed “compliment sandwich” - compliment, constructive criticism, compliment - if you're an IP attorney, it can be helpful to deliver the “bad... Continue Reading

Why It's Important To Know How To Sell A Name

It’s not enough just to come up with a good name; you also need to know how to sell it. Very often, the best names are not the “safe” ones; they’ve got to be... Continue Reading

The Naming Standoff

When naming a new product, there is not infrequently a “product vs. marketing” clash. This “debate” stems from well intended, yet differing motivations.... Continue Reading

How To Get Your Naming Project Across The Finish Line

Believe it or not, having too much time probably derails as many naming projects as not having enough time does. The problem is simply motivation – lacking a... Continue Reading

Help! I Need A Name ASAP

It’s not uncommon for a “rush” naming job to come our way. Up against deadlines, the pressure is on to find the perfect name - in a hurry. While we do our... Continue Reading

How to Assemble a Naming Task Force

When it is determined that an offering is to be named, the first step should be establishing a core team – the four to six individuals charged with running... Continue Reading

How To Know When It's Time To Invest In Branding

We understand that in the beginning, it’s all about the product. Product-market fit, product development, product product product. Continue Reading

Authentic Communication

Authenticity has always been a cornerstone of brand development, and it’s only going to get more important. There’s a reason your customers like your brand.... Continue Reading

How To Avoid Naming Heartbreak

“The names everyone likes aren’t available… and no one likes the names that are available”.  Continue Reading

Strike A Pose(ition)

A brand’s position is not how the company sees itself or the way it goes to market or pitches to clients and investors. A brand’s position is the space it... Continue Reading

How To Find A Name

Think back to the last house you bought. Did you call your real estate agent and say “We need a house… can you show us a few”?  Continue Reading

Get It Right The Second Time

Naming. How hard could it be, right? Continue Reading

Naming Themes

McDonalds does it. Apple does it. So, naming themes must be a good thing. Right? We’ll play it safe – and say “it depends.” McDonald’s naming theme is great.... Continue Reading

No, We Don't Create Brands

When asked by a prospective client how we’re different, I might respond by listing what we don’t do. This is a little odd in a pitch situation – generally,... Continue Reading

It's All About The "And"

Some people find it hard to believe that developing a great and ownable name is often one of the more difficult steps in launching a new product or service.... Continue Reading

How To Brand For The Exit

You built the company. Then you sold the company. (Or invested in the company.) What’s next? What happens after the dust settles? Another product? Another... Continue Reading

Shittens and Big Ass Fans

"Come on... grow a pair!" <-- this is what we wish we could say to the client. Continue Reading

The Perfect Timeline For A Perfect Name

Assuming the brand strategy and architecture have been defined, from creative brief to name selection, the optimal time frame is two and a half to three weeks Continue Reading

Brand Architecture 101 (and Why You Should Care)

Brand architecture structures can be grouped into two basic models: a single-brand model and a multi-brand model. The single-brand model is most often... Continue Reading

How To Choose The Darn Name

 Our recommended approach for a group to choose their top six to eight names is as follows: Continue Reading

Why You Need A Namer

  At the end of the day, truly great names are going to come from truly great namers. Don’t be frustrated if your design team and copywriting team struggle... Continue Reading