No, We Don't Create Brands

What agencies can do... and what they can't.

When asked by a prospective client how we’re different, I might respond by listing what we don’t do. This is a little odd in a pitch situation – generally, agency people like to say we can do everything.

Telling someone that we don’t create brands, on the surface, is a bit counterintuitive. But we don’t. It’s not any agency’s job to create the brand. Agencies help organizations discover their brands. We help uncover and articulate existing brands, or position and communicate new brands. At the most basic level, we help the client find that thing that inspired them (or the founders) to become a brand in the first place. Once this brand is uncovered/discovered/recovered, then we figure out how to help tell that story in the most powerful, relevant way.

Bottom line: we help you find your voice. It’s up to you to go use it. You put your brand out in the world, as a promise to your customers. Then you live up to that promise. And THAT is how you build your brand. It happens out in the world - not in a strategy session. An agency can provide the framework and ensure that your message is clear, but the rest is up to you.