Working hand-in-hand with the agency tasked with developing the strategy and creating packaging, we were asked to develop the name for a new category of products for Bolthouse Farms. The new product line needed to feel aligned with the company mission and culture, but also differentiated.

Together with the client, we explored three strategic directions, landing at one we called "Farmers" - highlighting the fact that the product came from a company/brand that plants, harvests, and juices fruit and vegetables from their own farms.

We wanted the name to feel:

  • Earthy yet fresh
  • Authentic at core
  • Confident, leader-ish

and to communicate:

  • they know the best fruits & veggies
  • this is juice from people I trust
  • total control from seed to bottle
  • a modern, urban farmer vibe



Dictionary; associative; n.

1915 is the year William Bolthouse founded Bolthouse Farms in Grant, Michigan.

This name supports the "Juice from Farmers” point of difference by bringing to the forefront the company's history - the many generations of farmers and farms in the Bolthouse family.

This century of experience establishes Bolthouse as a genuine authority in the farming of great vegetables and fruits. That's something that can't be faked.

The number "1915" itself feels modern and clean, and as a name, it invites the brand to share its story in a way that feels down to earth.